The Seed

The Seed ~ How Bickford Began

An accomplished musician, a beloved mother and wife, breast cancer survivor, and one of the many tragic stories of Alzheimer's, Mary Arlene Bickford is the Seed for the Bickford Family Tree.  With unmatched strength and gentleness, Mary somehow balanced her life between her incredible musical talent and career, her adoration for her children, her love for her husband, and her care for several elderly relatives.  After Mary was diagnosed with Alzheimer's by her physician Dr. Ray Cook, her daughter Judie moved her closer to home and set up an apartment for her, but they knew that she would need more.  After fruitlessly searching for a solution for Mary's care, Judie and her husband Don Eby decided to create a home for Mary Bickford, inspired by her life of love, service and happiness.

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