I spend my day dancing with the stars.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


If laughter’s the best medicine, I believe in double doses.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Making a Day

It’s not that I’m making a resident’s day - they’re making mine.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


As a little girl, I loved cooking with my grandma. Now I get to cook for yours.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Fruit Servings

I will do whatever it takes to help them get in those 4-5 servings of fruit a day.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Many Hats

I enjoy so many different opportunities. I guess you could say I wear many hats.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


A decaf, with whole milk and two sugars. Consider me your personal Starbucks.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Bickford Family Traits

No two people in the history of the world are exactly the same.  You are a special person and you have unique value.  It is imperative for you to know who you are: who are you when you are not modifying your behavior, when you are at your most uninhibited, unobserved, most natural?  Your inherent traits give expression to these questions.  We are all unique; there are no good or bad traits or bad combinations of traits, but sometimes we experience bad fits - times when our traits do not match the work we do everyday.  When you know where your greatest strengths lie, then you have the power to use them to add the greatest amount of value for yourself and to the family.  The overall goal is to understand our unique traits so that we can minimize performing in our weaknesses and maximize performing in our strengths.

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