I spend my day dancing with the stars.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


If laughter’s the best medicine, I believe in double doses.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Making a Day

It’s not that I’m making a resident’s day - they’re making mine.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


As a little girl, I loved cooking with my grandma. Now I get to cook for yours.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Fruit Servings

I will do whatever it takes to help them get in those 4-5 servings of fruit a day.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Many Hats

I enjoy so many different opportunities. I guess you could say I wear many hats.

I am a Bickford Family Member.


A decaf, with whole milk and two sugars. Consider me your personal Starbucks.

I am a Bickford Family Member.

Bickford Family Chores

Our ChOREs are those tasks we must complete as a Family in order to achieve our Core Purpose of Enriching Happiness.  We believe our Bickford Family Members should be involved in the planning of the ChOREs that affects them.  The Director ultimately determines who does what and ensures all ChOREs are being completed while maximizing on the traits of the entire Family.  And ultimately, there may be ChOREs that do not fit into anybody's greatest strengths; as a Family, we pull together to finish ALL of the ChOREs for the sake of the Branch and our Friends.  The overall goal is to minimize performing in our weaknesses and maximize performing in our strengths.  As you work together to complete the Family ChOREs, you should keep volunteering your strengths and keep trying to find ways to fulfill your traits and desires within your assigned ChOREs.

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