Complaint Instructions

Complaint Instructions

Bickford Senior Living has the highest expectation for integrity and is committed to practicing ethical conduct each and every day.  This conduct is based on incorporating our Core Purpose, Foundational Belief, Family Code of Behavior and Philosophy of Care into all of our relationships with Bickford residents and families, Bickford Family Members (employees), the local community and business partners.  If at any time you have an issue or concern, including any of the following items, we want to hear from you:

Complaint Hotline 

  • Resident Care
  • Abuse / Neglect
  • Fraud / Theft
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Employee Relations
  • Violation of Regulations
  • Policy Compliance
  • Business Ethics

We encourage people to attempt to resolve concerns or disagreements with the Branch Director first.  If you are not able to work with the Director to resolve your concerns, the next step is to contact the Divisional.  You can obtain contact information for the Divisional by calling Branch Support at 913-782-3200.  If you have contacted the Director and Divisional and your issue has not been resolved, you may utilize either our dedicated Complaint Hotline or Online Complaint Report.  Please note that all reports submitted will remain confidential if requested.

Online Complaint Report

Either phone or email needs to be required.


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