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Looking Back

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February 2023


Welcome to the New Year!  Bickford is starting the Higher Path Program.  Here in Okemos we are thrilled.  This truely adds focus to our residents. The goal of the Higher Path Program is to keep our loved ones happier, heathier, longer.  We work with the loved one, and their families to find soultions to any obstacles that come their way.  The vision includes a doctor to be available 24/7!  This would be a blessing, and is currently in the works.  More to come!   


Thank you again for being a part of our Bickford Family.  Looking forward to another month of fun!  Never hesistate to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Know we are here for you.





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A note from the Director

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2/2 - Groundhog Day

2/14 - Valentines Day

2/20 - Presidents Day

2/21 - Mardi Gras

2/22 - Ash Wednesday

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Happy February Birthdays to all our future

Bickford of Okemos Residents.

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Special Holidays