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Happy New Year!

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 As we finish the year together, we are looking back at our times with our current and past residents filled with love, laughter, and wonder.It's in these moments we learn to value life and its smaller happenings. We are lucky to share space and time with such lovely individuals and be such big fixtures in our their lives. We love you Bickford Family!

Cheers to 2022 & to a great 2023!

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Battle Creek
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- Important Dates -

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New Year's Day | January 1st

Luau | January 19th


Veteran's Club | 9th @12pm Lunch in Private Dining

Men's Club | 23rd @ 12pm Lunch in Private Dining

Card Club | Tuesdays @ 1:00pm

Book Club | Thursdays @ 2:00pm

Art Club  | Saturdays @ 2:00pm

Church Service w/ Chaplain | Sundays @ 3:00pm


Manicures & Make Up | Mondays 9a-4p

Hairstylist Veronica in the Salon | Wednesdays 9a-5p

Bible Study/Chaplain One on One's | Wednesdays 10a-11a






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Happy Holidays!

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- Resident Family Council -

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- Bickford Family Luau -

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Wednesday, January 4th



Resident & Higher Path Council Meeting


Meet our Nurse & Executive Director & raise questions, comments, and/or concerns.


Residents & Family  Welcome


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Thursday, January 19th


Luau Party & Potluck



10:30am Hula Dancing

11:00am Beach Ball Bop

All Day Photo Booth


Residents & Family Welcome