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Elvis is in the Building!

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Elvis's birthday is January 8th! We will be celebrating him later in the month on the 25th when we will have a visit from The King of Rock and Roll at 2:00 PM! We will also be making the famous Elvis sandwiches that morning!

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January News

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Our lunch outings this month will be on Mondays.


PERSON OF  THE WEEK- Every week there will be clues posted about a famous person. The clues will be posted on the puzzle table in the activity room every Monday. If you think you know who it is, tell Sarah. If you're right, you can choose 5 Bickford Bucks OR a piece of candy!


**Riddle of the Month** How many seconds are in a year? If you think you know the answer, see Sarah. If you're correct, you'll earn 25 Bickford Bucks!

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Why shouldn't you kiss someone on January 1st?  Because it's the first date!!

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Important Dates

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5th- Mary A.

10th- Joyce M.

24th- Cheryl P.

25th- Walter T.

27th- Eddie L.

27th- Linda W.

30th- MaryAnn B.


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1st- New Years Day

4th- Nat'l Trivia Day

5th- Nat'l Whip Cream Day

6th- Nat'l Shortbread Day

11th- Nat'l Milk Day

19th- Luau

20th- Nat'l Cheese Lovers Day

23rd- Nat'l Pie Day

24th- Nat'l Peanut Butter Day