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03-11-2013 easterniowadiv Use it or lose it! That is a common phrase we like to joke about with residents in the halls of Bickford. We often tell our residents this to motivate them to continue their daily walks to meals, encourge their participation in our group exercise programs, and to remind them that bodies who are in motion tend to stay in motion. Bickford family members will often make "deals" with residents to ecourage increased mobilty, such as if they walk to the dining room, we will give them a lift back home afterwards, or attending a group exercise program first, then having coffee and cookies after! Please click on the attached link to read about the 4 types of recommended exercises for seniors, which include strengthening, stretching, endurance, and balance, all of which are incorporated in many different types of programs offered at Bickford. Now, get moving, because you know what we say, Use it or lose it!

Senior Living Excercise
04-21-2013 burlingtondir Join Bickford to support Burlington Alzheimer's Association and have some fun! Blondes vs Brunettes Powder Football game May 5th at the Rex Plex at 2 pm. Join me on the brunette's team or just cheer us on. Tickets for adults are $20.
05-28-2013 bourbonnaisdir Our handsome Lou Bales and his fellow Veterans...we have 14 Veterans living in our Bickford of Bourbonnais Home.
07-15-2013 crownpointdir NEW CONSTRUCTION PHOTO! We're about 10 weeks from opening, and every day we notice progress on our construction. Here's this morning's photo of the front entry...notice how inviting and home-like it is...the different textures of brick, stone, and siding make for a welcoming entry. Its a great day to come see Tanya and I and let us share the Magic of Bickford with you...we are enriching happiness in Crown Point! 219-309-4714. -Tony
08-21-2013 westdesmoinescrd West Des Moines Bickford celebrated Western Days with residents designing their own hats and bandanas, learning about the "Wild Wild West," and eating at the "Chuckwagon!!" A good time was had by all.
09-19-2013 okemoslec Enjoying the Sunshine!
10-22-2013 greenwoodcrd Here is a picture of the light fixtures and mailboxes outside of all the rooms
01-02-2014 midlandcrd At Bickford of Midland, 2014 is off to a very dignified start! Friends of the Family kicked off the new year with a tea party today to celebrate National Hot Tea Month. A couple residents even brought some tea party etiquette tips to the table from their homeland of England. Who knew that one must always add milk to a teacup before the tea is poured in order to be proper?
02-05-2014 westdesmoinescrd Crafting time created birdhouses, and lifelong friendships. A warm feeling for us, and our feathered friends.
03-03-2014 champaigncrd Every day is a day that we can take a minute to enrich someone's life! What I love the most about my opportunity at Bickford as the Happiness Sherpa, is that I am able to see all sides of the story! I am able to be with families as they begin their search and I am able to help them figure out what is best for their self and or loved one! My vision is to help families and then in return allow them to leave our home in peace knowing that their loved one is being loved and taken care of! That brings me complete joy and it is my passion! I am so blessed to be able to serve residents and their families! As you are beginning to look for your loved one or self, I would love to help you figure out what is best for your self and or family! I am here to guide you through the process and give you the support you need! I am realistic and know that Bickford is not right for everyone due to various reasons, and it is my passion to help you figure out what is! Although I am pretty partial to Bickford! I am available anytime and would love to meet you and help you figure out what is best! My name is Jennifer Shadwick and my email is jennifer.shadwick@enrichinghappiness.com Let me be your Guide!
03-26-2014 battlecreekcrd We love our pets! Joyce and Misty enjoying a loving hug.
04-14-2014 quincylec There's always something happening at Bickford Quincy. Check out our newsletter for coming attractions!
05-06-2014 nebraskadiv Happy Nurses Day! Our Bickford Nebraska Division is blessed to have fantastic nurses devoted to providing excellent care to our residents and families. Thanks ladies for all you do!
05-30-2014 davenportlec Ethel, Theo & Fyrn ready for lunch!
06-19-2014 burlingtonlec Thursday, July 3rd, will be our 4th of July celebration picnic out in our front parking lot. Rivertown band will be performing again. Dancing is always a welcomed part of this! The Color Guard will be at 4:30pm, supper at 5 pm, and the band starting at 5:30pm. All family members and extended family are welcome. Please RSVP your reservations to Lynsey (750-2021) or please ask to speak to the Kitchen. This is necessary so we know how much food to purchase. THIS GET TOGETHER IS FREE!!
07-10-2014 davenportlec Joyce and Greg had resident Louis B. playing harmonic with their group today. He really sounded good with them. Good job Louie!
07-28-2014 muscatinedir Join us for our support group!
09-10-2014 bourbonnaislec Do you like Bluegrass Music?? Join us today for our trip to Music In Momence We will be departing at 1:30pm
10-01-2014 lafayettedir Please enjoy out October calendar. Jean Brower
11-20-2014 buckheadlec Thank goodness for Silver Sneakers exercise class this morning because we all feasted like kings and queens during the Thanksgiving luncheon today. It was so nice seeing everyone here to enjoying a fun filled afternoon. The food was delicious and don't forget about the tasty desserts. Chef Ihsa and Chef James did a fantastic job! See you tomorrow at 10:30am for a special visit from Dru of Homestead Hospice to share some Thanksgiving History and prizes.

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